Claudia J is the Founder + Owner of Gentre, a premier luxury jewelry and accessories brand known for its unique collections of timeless pieces. Personally curated and selected, pieces consist of a collection of luxury vintage earrings, necklaces, wrist pieces and much more featuring a vintage twist for both men and women. 

Since a child, Claudia’s mother instilled in her a sense of confidence by referring to her as ‘Gentre’ due to her prestigious attitude. This confidence made Claudia feel like royalty, and transitioned into her young adult years.  

In 2019, Claudia began her journey into entrepreneurship with the start of her first brand “Waisted by Claudia J.” There, she specialized in custom waist bead bodywear for women of all sizes. After seeing success with the brand, Claudia decided to broaden her product line to offer a variety of accessories.  

Claudia’s expansion created an opportunity for a full rebrand and along with it, came the need to form a new name. Claudia decided to choose ‘Gentre’ which was inspired by the confidence her mom gave to her, as well as her first love and best friend, Tracey Burton Jr., who is remembered for his unwavering support. He pushed her to reach her dreams and made her truly feel valued and beautiful. Gentre is more than a look. Gentre is a feeling.